The JonesClick Campaign is for Generational Fairness with Entitlement Reform, focused on Generation Jones, but interested in fairness for all generations

What is Generational Fairness?

  • The timely political terms “Fairness” and “Shared Sacrifice” shouldn’t only refer to socioeconomic (e.g. 99% vs. 1%) disparities.
  • Since programs like Medicare and Social Security are essentially inter-generational agreements, it’s important that any reform of these programs is done fairly among generations.

Who are the current living adult U.S. Generations?



Why are plans to change Medicare, for those 55 and younger, particularly unfair to Generation Jones?

  • Age. 55 is too old to draw that line; most Jonesers are already too close to retirement to be able to suddenly now change their plans.
  • And given that Jonesers have been paying into these entitlements for four decades (!), it’s that much more unfair.

But wouldn’t such plans to change Medicare be unfair for everyone 55 and younger?

Perhaps, but far more unfair to Jonesers because of their older age. Younger generations have invested far less money into entitlements, so have far less to lose. Younger generations also have much more time to make their retirement plans.

What’s with the frustration some Jonesers seem to have with Boomers about this issue?

  • Originally lumped in mistakenly with the Baby Boom Generation, many Jonesers have long felt in the Boomers’ shadow. Throughout their life cycle (with college admissions, first jobs, first homes, career advancement, etc.), many Jonesers have felt like the Boomers get the “good stuff”, while Jonesers are left with “leftover scraps”.
  • Many Jonesers are bothered by the prospect that even in life’s last chapter (with Social Security and Medicare), the Boomers yet again will get theirs, while GenJones would be left again with the short end of the stick.

Is the JonesClick campaign connected to any particular political party or corporation?

  • No, this campaign is politically non-partisan and is not connected to any corporate interests.
  • We encourage progressive, moderate, and conservative Jonesers (as well as those from other generations) to help us achieve generational fairness. We don’t address the issue of whether entitlements should be reformed or not, and we don’t endorse any specific entitlement reform plan.
  • We are not about liberals vs. conservatives, or even one generation against another; we’re focused on overall fairness.

What are the goals of this campaign?

  • The goals of JonesClick include spreading awareness, and facilitating mobilization. We want policymakers to view any attempts at entitlement reform through the prism of generational fairness.
  • If enough people show their support and get involved, we can make entitlement reform generationally fair.

Does GenJones have the political clout to really make a difference with this?

  • Yes! There are 53 million U.S. Jonesers, which is more than a quarter of the adult (21+) population. The leadership of the U.S. is now primarily GenJones, from President Obama and much of his cabinet, to many of the most influential government and business leaders.
  • For many years, GenJones’ collective interests were often lost in the shuffle because of its mistaken inclusion with the Boomer Generation. Now that Generation Jones is widely viewed as a distinct generation, combined with its large numbers and influential leaders, this heretofore “lost” generation is finally in a position to affect its destiny.
  • We’d be proud to see GenJones lead the nation in figuring out reasonable, generationally fair entitlement reform.


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